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about me


I live in The Netherlands, happily married to my Muse (Michelle). Because of the many contacts I have with non-Dutch speaking customers and interested parties, I present this website primarily in English. 


Over the last ten years I have tended to move from mainly reading about life (study Modern Literature, University of Amsterdam) to mainly watching the life directly (daily occupation now is photography). There are days when I don't touch my camera, but then I work on viewing photographs from other people or studying the many books on photography. Or I am teaching the ins and outs of photography to others. See my courses on Photography on this website (in Dutch). My favourite subject is Portraiture.


What I have in mind while photographing other people, is avoiding the risk that I expose them how I myself would like them to be. And also how they themselves would like to be. The art is not to have opinions or to make suggestions, but to penetrate into the real self of the subject. It's rather trendy these days: not to be yourself, but to brand yourself. In that case I say: make a selfie and distribute it all over the world. But don't ask me to participate in that. I am interested in how you are. Not in what you would like to be. My inspiration in this? Rosanne Olson's wonderful photo book This is who I am.


And I am one of the people who love the why of things. You will recognize this in my courses on photography. Not only the 'how', but the 'why' of things will be in focus. For better understanding and lifelong insight. Alongside that I tell people who want to learn photography: don't be into trends, don't make fashion own you. You decide what you photograph, but only photograph what you love. 


My photos are female-dominated, but the actors are not on stage to simply offer their beauty or sensuality, they are enscenated to express a sentiment or emotional perception… the nude model could be seen as an allurement that interact between the scene and the conception…

Photographers who influenced me, are: Ruth Bernhard, Miloslav Stibor, Thomas Karsten, Christian Vogt, Monica Kuhn, Angelika Vogel.

My models may be glamourous but not exposed as such, they have a deducted sensuality, they are self-determining agents, their outer beauty is a phenomenon we can fall back on in an unexplainable human existence. My photography is a continuous process of finding an acceptable (not necessarily accepted)  presentation of a reality that is not packed with moral and esthetical prescripts, a reality that is not ‘known’ or contemplated.